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Science can get complicated, but your health doesn’t have to be. Get quick, digestible insights into the future of holistic medicine.

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  • The Art of Habit Creation

    Making a change, pledging to stick with it, and then actually making it a habit can feel impossible in the era of ever-changing health trends. We’ve all been there: you jump onto the new year’s bandwagon, stick to a practice for a matter of weeks or months, and then drop off entirely. This. Doesn’t. Work.

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  • What is Functional Medicine?

    It’s time to stop viewing the body as a series of discrete, siloed organs. Functional medicine is a different, holistic care model that takes a root cause approach —focusing on the “why” instead of the “what” in order to create health. 
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  • How Practitioners Become Functional Medicine Trained & Certified

    We are in the midst of a health crisis. Pair poor nutrient intake with a healthcare system that foundationally allows for vulnerable communities to fall through the cracks, and it’s no wonder why many of our most talented healthcare professionals are transitioning to functional medicine.
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