For Malla, health goes far beyond the immediate consumer.


We recognize that not only do we have a moral obligation to do right by the planet, but by being climate conscious, we are ultimately doing right by our customers.

On your first delivery, you will receive a glass jar, held in a potato starch-based tray, and a compostable, paper refill pouch. In all subsequent deliveries, you will simply receive another compostable, paper pouch to refill your jar. This helps reduce packaging waste and minimize each shipment's carbon footprint, given the lowered packaging weight. We also let all of our customers carbon offset each of their orders at checkout. It's more convenient for you and better for the planet!


Our mission is to democratize access to functional medicine; however, we can only drive down the cost of our products and services so far, and we recognize that those that are in most need of high quality, nutrient-dense foods, which is one of the main determinants of health and a key component of functional medicine, are the least able to afford it. So, we donate a portion of our sales to fight food insecurity in disadvantaged communities.